Amihanan na Amerika

Gikan sa Bikol Sentral na Wikipedia, an talingkas na ensiklopedya
(Nakatukdo hali sa Amerika nin Norte)
Mapa kan kinàban na ipinapahiling an kinamomogtakan kan Amerika nin Norte

An Amihanan na Amerika iyo an kontinente sa kinàban na nyaon sa gamping sulnopan kaini. Sakop kan kotinente an 24,490,000 km² (o 9,450,000 m²) o halos 4.8% kan kagabsan na ibabaw na parte kan kinàban (o 16.4% kan kadagaan na parte kaini).

Poon kan Octobre 2006 an mga nag-eerok digdi luminampas nang 514 milyon. Ini an ikatolo sa pinakadakulang kontinente sunod sa Asya asin Aprika, asin ikaapat sa pinakamatawo sunod sa Asya, Aprika asin Europa. Americas o mga Amerika kun apodon an Amerika nin Norte asin Amerika nin Sur.

Ginikanan kan ngaran[baguhon | baguhon an source]

An Amerika Norte asin Amerika Sur akô kan kadaklan na ipinangaran sa Italyanong ekplorador na si Amerigo Vespucci kan Aleman na kartograpista na si Martin Waldseemüller. Si Vespucci an enot na Europeo na nagsuhestyon na an Americas bakô an East Indies alagad sarong bâgong kinàban dati nang dae nadiskobre kan mga Europeo. Sya man an enot na makadiskobre kan Amerika Sur asin mga kabukidan sa Amerika Sentral.

Mga teritoryo kan mga Banwa sa Amerikang Amihanan asin rona'[baguhon | baguhon an source]

Pangaran nin rehiyon asin
teritoryo, kaiba an wagayway
Densidad nin Populasyon
(lambang km²)
Flag of Anguilla Anguilla (UK) &0000000000000102.000000102 &0000000000014108.00000014,108 138.3 The Valley
Flag of Antigua asin Barbuda Antigua asin Barbuda &0000000000000443.000000443 &0000000000084522.00000084,522 190.8 St. John's
Flag of Aruba Aruba (Olandes)[1] &0000000000000193.000000193 &0000000000101541.000000101,541 526.1 Oranjestad
Flag of the Bahamas Bahamas &0000000000010070.00000010,070[2] &0000000000307451.000000307,451 30.5 Nassau
Flag of Barbados Barbados &0000000000000431.000000431 &0000000000281968.000000281,968 654.2 Bridgetown
Flag of Belis Belis &0000000000022966.00000022,966 &0000000000301270.000000301,270 13.1 Belmopan
Flag of Bermudas Bermuda (UK) &0000000000000053.00000053 &0000000000066536.00000066,536 1255.4 Hamilton
Flag of the British Virgin Islands Kapuruan nin British Virgin (UK) &0000000000000153.000000153 &0000000000024041.00000024,041 157.1 Road Town
Flag of Kanada Canada &0000000009984670.0000009,984,670[2] &0000000033212696.00000033,212,696 3.7 Ottawa
Flag of Islas Caiman Kapuruan nin Cayman (UK) &0000000000000262.000000262 &0000000000047862.00000047,862 182.7 George Town
Flag of France Kapuruan nin Clipperton (Pransiya) &0000000000000006.0000006 &-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.0000000 0.0
Flag of Costa Rica Kosta Rika &0000000000051100.00000051,100 &0000000004195914.0000004,195,914 82.1 San José
Flag of Kuba Cuba &0000000000110860.000000110,860 &0000000011423952.00000011,423,952 103.0 Havana
Flag of Dominika Dominika &0000000000000754.000000754 &0000000000072514.00000072,514 96.2 Roseau
Flag of the Dominican Republic Republikang Dominikano &0000000000048730.00000048,730 &0000000009507133.0000009,507,133 195.1 Santo Domingo
Flag of El Salvador El Salvador &0000000000021040.00000021,040 &0000000007066403.0000007,066,403 335.9 San Salvador
Flag of Greenland Greenland (Dinamarka) &0000000002166086.0000002,166,086 &0000000000057564.00000057,564 0.027 Nuuk
Flag of Grenada Grenada &0000000000000344.000000344 &0000000000090343.00000090,343 262.6 St. George's
Flag of Guadeloupe Guadeloupe (Pransiya) &0000000000001780.0000001,780[3] &0000000000452776.000000452,776[3] 254.4 Basse-Terre
Flag of Guatemala Guwatemala &0000000000108890.000000108,890 &0000000013002206.00000013,002,206 119.4 Guatemala City
Flag of Haiti Hayti &0000000000027750.00000027,750 &0000000008924553.0000008,924,553 321.6 Port-au-Prince
[[Image:|22x20px|border |Flag of Honduras|link=Honduras]] Honduras &0000000000112090.000000112,090 &0000000007639327.0000007,639,327 68.2 Tegucigalpa
Flag of Jamaica Hamayka &0000000000010991.00000010,991 &0000000002804332.0000002,804,332 255.1 Kingston
Flag of Martinique Martinique (Pransiya) &0000000000001100.0000001,100[3] &0000000000436131.000000436,131[3] 396.5 Fort-de-France
Flag of Mexico Mehiko &0000000001923040.0000001,923,040[2] &0000000109955400.000000109,955,400 57.2 Mexico City
Flag of Montserrat Montserrat (UK) &0000000000000102.000000102 &0000000000005079.0000005,079 49.8 Plymouth; Brades[4]
Flag of the United States Kapuruan nin Navassa (USA) &0000000000000005.0000005 &-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.0000000 0.0
Flag of the Netherlands Antilles Olanda Antilles (Olandes)[1] &0000000000000960.000000960 &0000000000225369.000000225,369 234.8 Willemstad
Flag of ? Nikaragwa &0000000000120254.000000120,254[2] &0000000005785846.0000005,785,846 48.1 Managua
Flag of Panama Panama[1][5] &0000000000078200.00000078,200 &0000000003309679.0000003,309,679 42.3 Panama City
Flag of Puerto Rico Porto Riko (USA) &0000000000008870.0000008,870[2] &0000000003958128.0000003,958,128 446.2 San Juan
Flag of Saint Barthélemy St. Barthélemy (Pransiya) &0000000000000021.00000021 &0000000000007492.0000007,492 356.8 Gustavia
Flag of Santo Cristobal asin Nevis St. Kitts asin Nevis &0000000000000261.000000261 &0000000000039817.00000039,817 152.6 Basseterre
Flag of Santa Lucia St. Lucia &0000000000000616.000000616 &0000000000159585.000000159,585 259.1 Castries
Flag of Collectivity of Saint Martin Santa Martin (Pransiya) &0000000000000054.00000054 &0000000000029376.00000029,376 544.0 Marigot
Flag of Saint Pierre and Miquelon St. Pierre asin Miquelon (Pransiya) &0000000000000242.000000242 &0000000000007044.0000007,044 29.1 Saint-Pierre
Flag of San Vicente asin Granadinas St. Vincent asin Grenadines &0000000000000389.000000389 &0000000000118432.000000118,432 304.5 Kingstown
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad asin Tobago[1] &0000000000005128.0000005,128 &0000000001047366.0000001,047,366 204.2 Port of Spain
Flag of Turks and Caicos Islands Kapuruan nin Turks asin Caicos (UK) &0000000000000430.000000430 &0000000000022352.00000022,352 52.0 Cockburn Town
Flag of the United States United States[6] &0000000009826630.0000009,826,630[2] &0000000303824640.000000303,824,640 33.2 Washington, D.C.
Flag of the United States Virgin Islands Kapuruan nin U.S. Virgin (USA) &0000000000000346.000000346[2] &0000000000109840.000000109,840 317.5 Charlotte Amalie
Total &0000000024646412.00000024,646,412 &0000000528720588.000000528,720,588 22.9

Mga nota[baguhon | baguhon an source]

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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 Water area makes up a considerable portion of this entity's total area. Therefore, for a more accurate figure on which to calculate population density, this figure includes land area only.
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  4. Due to ongoing activity of the Soufriere Hills volcano beginning in Hulyo 1995, much of Plymouth's de jure capital was destroyed and government offices were relocated to Brades.
  5. Panama is generally considered a North American country, though some authorities divide it at the Panama Canal; land area and population figures are for the entire country.
  6. Includes the U.S. state of Hawaii, which is distant from the North American landmass in the Pacific Ocean and is, thus, commonly included with the other territories of Oceania.