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An Bern o Berne (Aleman: Bern [bɛrn] (About this soundlisten), Alemannic German: Bärn [b̥æːrn], French: Berne [bɛʁn], Italian: Berna [ˈbɛrna], Romansh: Berna [ˈbɛrnɐ] (About this soundlisten)) an de facto na kapitolyo kan Switzerland, bistado kan mga Swiss na (e.g. in German) Bundesstadt, or "pederal na syudad".[1][note 1] Na igwang populasyon na 142,493 (Enero 2019), An Bern an ikalima sa pinakamatawong syudad [citation needed] in Switzerland.[2] An Bern igwang 36 municipalities, may populasyon na 406,900 kan 2014.[3] An syudad nagkaigwang populasyon na 660,000 kan 2000.[4] Ini man an kapitolyo nin canton of Bern,an ikaduwa sa pinakamatawong lugar sa Switzerland.

An opisyal na lengguwahe iyo an (the Swiss variety of Standard) Aleman, pero an pinaka ginagamit na tataramon iyo an Alemannic Swiss German diyalekto, Alemanong Bernes.

Kna 1983, an historikal na lumang syudad (sa German: Altstadt) sa sentro nin Bern bnaging UNESCO World Heritage Site.[5]

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  1. According to the Swiss constitution, the Swiss Confederation intentionally has no "capital", but Bern has governmental institutions such as the Swiss parliament and the Federal Council of Switzerland. However, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland is in Lausanne, the Federal Criminal Court of Switzerland is in Bellinzona, and the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland and the Federal Patent Court of Switzerland are in St. Gallen. That exemplifies the very federal nature of the Swiss Confederation

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