Gregory Maguire

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Gregory Maguire
Minundagan (1954-06-09) Hunyo 9, 1954 (edad 68)
Albany, New York
GenreFantasy, Children's literature
AgomAndy Newman

Si Gregory Maguire (minundag kan Hunyo 9, 1954) sarong Amerikanong nobelista. Sya an kagsurat kan Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, asin pira pang mga nobela pan-gurang asik pan-aki. Kadakli sa saiyang mga pan-gurang na nobela hali man sana sa mga klasikong usipon na pan-aki; an Wicked nagin Wicked Witch of the West gikan sa panurat ni L. Frank Baum na The Wonderful Wizard of Oz asin man an 1939 film adaptation sa karakter na si Elphaba Thropp. An blockbuster 2003 Broadway musical na Wicked hali man sa inot na nobela ni Maguire.Sinurat ni Stephen Schwartz asin Winnie Holzman, an musical sa presente iyo an panlima sa pigpapalabas hasta ngunyan (nalapwasan pa kaini an Les Misérables kan Oktubre 28, 2019).

Biograpiya[baguhon | baguhon an source]

Si Maguire, minundag asin nagdakula sa Albany, New York, asin sya man nasa tahaw kan pitong magturugang. Nagklase man sya sa mga Catholic institutions hasta mag sekondarya, naresibe nya man an saiyang BA sa English and Art gikan sa State University of New York at Albany, an saiya man na MA in Children's Literature hali sa Simmons College, dangan an PhD sa English and American Literature hali sa Tufts University. An saiyang doctoral thesis manungod sa English-language fantasy na sinurat para sa mga aki magpoon kan 1938 hasta 1988. Saro man syang propesor asin co-director sa Simmons College Center for the Study of Children's Literature magpoon kan 1979 hasta 1986. Kan 1987, pigmukna ni Maguire an nonprofit educational charity, Children's Literature New England, Inc., asin co-director sa laog nin 25 na taon. Nagi man syang board member kan National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance, asin nagserbe man na board sa Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Board of Associates sa Boston Public Library, sa Concord Free Press, asin iba pa.

Bibliograpiya[baguhon | baguhon an source]

Pan-aki[baguhon | baguhon an source]

  • The Lightning Time (1978)
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Pan-gurang[baguhon | baguhon an source]

  • The Wicked Years:
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Halipot na istorya[baguhon | baguhon an source]

  • Scarecrow (2001), published in Half-Human edited by Bruce Coville (Note: This is the life story of the Scarecrow from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but is not a part of The Wicked Years.)
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  • In That Country (2012), published in <i id="mwsA">Parnassus Literary Arts Magazine</i>

Non-fiction[baguhon | baguhon an source]

  • Innocence and Experience: Essays and Conversations on Children's Literature (ed., with Barbara Harrison) (1987)
  • Origins of Story: On Writing for Children (ed., with Barbara Harrison) (1999)
  • Making Mischief: A Maurice Sendak Appreciation (2009)

Toltolan[baguhon | baguhon an source]

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