Isabella Bird

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Isabella Bird
FRSGS FRGS and was elected to Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.(F.R.S.G.S).
Image of Isabella Bird
KamundaganIsabella Lucy Bird
(1831-10-15)15 Oktobre 1831
Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, England
Kagadanan7 Oktobre 1904(1904-10-07) (edad 72)
Melville Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dean cemetery, Edinburgh
Iba pang mga ngaranIsabella Bishop
Trabahoexplorer, writer, photographer and naturalist
AgomJohn Bishop (m. 1881)
Mga magurangDora Lawson, Edward Bird

Si Isabella Lucy Bird,Bishop kan kinasal FRGS (Oktobre 15,1831 – Oktobre 7,1904), sarong manggalugad na Briton kan ika-19 na siglo, parasurat[1]litratista,[2] asin naturalista.[3] Kaiba siFanny Jane Butler minukna niya an John Bishop Memorial Hospital sa Srinagar.[4] Siya an enot na babayi na nahalal bilangFellow of the Royal Geographical Society.[5]

Amay na Pagkabuhay[baguhon | baguhon an source]

Kan si Bird pinangaki kan Oktobre 15,1831 at Boroughbridge Hall, Yorkshire,an harong kan saiyang lolahon sa ina asin an paglunas kan saiyang ama pakatapos magkua nin order kan 21. An saiyang mga magurang sina Rev Edward Bird BA (1794–1858) asin an pangaduwang agom na si, Dora Lawson (1803–1866).[1]

Si Isabella Bird sulot an gubing na Manchurian clothing hale sa pagbaklay sa China.
Pamimitagan kan lubingan ni Isabella Bird, Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh
Tore nin orasan na ginibo gamit an pondo na tinao ni Isabella Lucy Bird

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