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Si Lewis sa 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

Si Juliette Lewis sarong Amerikanang aktres na naging sikat kan 1990s matapos magluwas sa mga independent asin mainstream na pelikula. Matapos magluwas sa National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), nakua niya an kasikatan sa Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear (1991), digdi nakakua siyang nominasyon sa Academy Award asin Golden Globe Award para sa Best Supporting Actress.

Pelikula[liwaton | liwaton an gikanan]

Films that have not yet been released Dae pa pinapalabas na pelikula
Taon Titulo Role Director(s) Mga Nota Ref.
1987 Home Fires Maty Uno, Michael ToshiyukiMichael Toshiyuki Uno Television film [1]
1988 My Stepmother Is an Alien Lexie Benjamin, RichardRichard Benjamin [2]
1989 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Audrey Griswold Chechik, Jeremiah S.Jeremiah S. Chechik [3]
1989 Meet the Hollowheads Cindy Hollowhead Burman, Thomas R.Thomas R. Burman [4]
1989 The Runnin' Kind Amy Curtis Tash, MaxMax Tash [5]
1990 Too Young to Die? Amanda Sue Bradley Markowitz, RobertRobert Markowitz Television film [6]
1991 Cape Fear Danielle Bowden Scorsese, MartinMartin Scorsese [7]
1991 Crooked Hearts Cassie Bortman, MichaelMichael Bortman [8]
1992 Husbands and Wives Rain Allen, WoodyWoody Allen [9]
1992 That Night Sheryl O'Connor Bolotin, CraigCraig Bolotin [10]
1993 What's Eating Gilbert Grape Becky Hallström, LasseLasse Hallström [11]
1993 Romeo Is Bleeding Sheri Medak, PeterPeter Medak [12]
1993 Kalifornia Adele Corners Sena, DominicDominic Sena [13]
1994 Natural Born Killers Mallory Knox Stone, OliverOliver Stone [14]
1994 Mixed Nuts Gracie Barzini Ephron, NoraNora Ephron [15]
1995 Strange Days Faith Justin Bigelow, KathrynKathryn Bigelow [16]
1995 The Basketball Diaries Diane Moody Kalvert, ScottScott Kalvert [17]
1996 The Evening Star Melanie Horton Harling, RobertRobert Harling [18]
1996 From Dusk till Dawn Katerine Fuller Rodriguez, RobertRobert Rodriguez [19]
1998 Some Girl April Kelly, RoryRory Kelly [20]
1999 The Other Sister Carla Tate Marshall, GarryGarry Marshall [21]
1999 The 4th Floor Jane Emelin Klausner, JoshJosh Klausner [22]
2000 Room to Rent Linda El Hagar, KhaledKhaled El Hagar [23]
2000 The Way of the Gun Robin McQuarrie, ChristopherChristopher McQuarrie [24]
2001 Picture Claire Claire Beaucage McDonald, BruceBruce McDonald [25]
2001 Gaudi Afternoon April Seidelman, SusanSusan Seidelman [26]
2001 My Louisiana Sky Dorie Kay Arkin, AdamAdam Arkin Television film [27]
2002 Enough Ginny Apted, MichaelMichael Apted [28]
2002 Armitage: Dual Matrix Naomi Armitage (voice) Ochi, HiroyukiHiroyuki Ochi Anime film dub [29]
2002 Hysterical Blindness Beth Toczynski Nair, MiraMira Nair Television film [30]
2003 Cold Creek Manor Ruby Ferguson Figgis, MikeMike Figgis [31]
2003 Old School Heidi Phillips, ToddTodd Phillips [32]
2004 Blueberry Maria Sullivan Kounen, JanJan Kounen Also known as: Renegade [33]
2004 Starsky & Hutch Kitty Phillips, ToddTodd Phillips [34]
2004 Chasing Freedom Libby McBrearty, DonDon McBrearty Television film [35]
2005 Daltry Calhoun Flora Flick Bronson, Katrina HoldenKatrina Holden Bronson [36]
2005 Aurora Borealis Kate Burke, James C. E.James C. E. Burke [37]
2005 Grilled Suzanne Ensler, JasonJason Ensler [38]
2006 The Darwin Awards Joleen Taylor, FinnFinn Taylor [39]
2007 Catch and Release Maureen Grant, SusannahSusannah Grant [40]
2009 Whip It! Iron Maven Barrymore, DrewDrew Barrymore [41]
2009 Metropia Nina (voice) Saleh, TarikTarik Saleh Animated film [42]
2010 Sympathy for Delicious Ariel Lee Ruffalo, MarkMark Ruffalo [43]
2010 The Switch Debbie Epstein
2010 Conviction Roseanna Perry Goldwyn, TonyTony Goldwyn [45]
2010 Due Date Heidi Phillips, ToddTodd Phillips [32]
2011 Hick Tammy Cutter-McMullen Martini, DerickDerick Martini [46]
2011 Foreverland Vicky McGuire, MaxMax McGuire [47]
2012 Open Road Jill Garcia, MárcioMárcio Garcia [48]
2013 August: Osage County Karen Weston Wells, JohnJohn Wells [49]
2014 Hellion Pam Candler, KatKat Candler [50]
2014 Kelly & Cal Kelly McGowan, JenJen McGowan [51]
2015 Jem and the Holograms Erica Raymond Chu, Jon M.Jon M. Chu [52]
2016 Nerve Nancy Delmonico
2018 Back Roads Bonnie Altmyer Pettyfer, AlexAlex Pettyfer [54]
2018 A Million Little Pieces Joanne Taylor-Johnson, SamSam Taylor-Johnson [55]
2019 Ma Erica Thompson Taylor, TateTate Taylor [56]
Plantilya:TBA Breaking News in Yuba County Films that have not yet been released Gloria Michaels Taylor, TateTate Taylor Post-production [57]
Plantilya:TBA Mayday Films that have not yet been released June Karen Cinorre Post-production [58]

Telebisyon[liwaton | liwaton an gikanan]

Taon Titulo Role Mga Nota Ref.
1987–1988 I Married Dora Katie Ferrell 13 episodes [2]
1988 The Facts of Life Terry Rankin 2 episodes [2]
1989–1990 The Wonder Years Delores 4 episodes [2]
1990 A Family for Joe Holly Bankston 8 episodes [2]
2001 Dharma & Greg September Episode: "Try to Remember This Kind of September" [2]
2003 Free for All Paula Wisconsin (voice) 7 episodes [2]
2006 My Name Is Earl Jessie Episode: "The Bounty Hunter" [2]
2010 Memphis Beat Cleo Episode: "Baby, Let's Play House" [59]
2010 Never Mind The Buzzcocks Guest Host Season 24, episode 9 [60]
2012 The Firm Tamara Inez "Tammy" Hemphill 22 episodes [2]
2013–2015 RuPaul's Drag Race Herself (guest judge) 2 episodes [2]
2015–2016 Secrets and Lies Detective Andrea Cornell 22 episodes [2]
2015 Wayward Pines Beverly Brown 9 episodes [2]
2017 Graves Bailey Todd 2 episodes [61]
2018 Camping Jandice 9 episodes [2]
2018 The Conners Blue Series regular [2]
2019 At Home with Amy Sedaris Tandy Tucker Episode: "Hospital-tality" [62]
2019 The Act Stephanie Godejohn 2 episodes [63]
2020 Sacred Lies Harper 10 episodes

Web television series


Music videos[liwaton | liwaton an gikanan]

Taon Kanta Artist Mga Nota Ref.
1993 "Come to My Window" Melissa Etheridge Directed by Samuel Bayer [64]
2003 "Buried Alive By Love" HIM [65]
2013 "City of Angels" Thirty Seconds to Mars [66]

Video games[liwaton | liwaton an gikanan]

Taon Show Role Nota Ref.
2008 Grand Theft Auto IV Herself as a radio DJ [67]

Hilingon man[liwaton | liwaton an gikanan]

Mga toltolan[liwaton | liwaton an gikanan]

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