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Olay:Charlotte's Web (pelikula kan 2006)

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Gikan sa Bikol Sentral na Wikipedia, an talingkas na ensiklopedya

I'll help you translating some of the phrases here. Kunokuno (olay) 18:57, 12 Marso 2021‎

It's been 13 days, when will the translation be complete? I like peace and quiet (olay) 15:46, 25 Marso 2021

Sorry for the delay. You may want to use this tool instead : https://bcl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:ContentTranslation&campaign=contributionsmenu&to=bcl#draft Kunokuno (olay) 15:58, 25 Marso 2021 (UTC)[magsimbag]
I tried it on Lady and the Tramp but it only added the category to the page. I don't think it will work based on that. But in the meantime, can this page (Charlotte's Web) and Dumbo be translated? I saw Bambi needs translation too. Also, in this page and Dumbo, I had a few phrases translated such as "pelikula" and "ni", but there is still a good bit left. Liv and Maddie also had "performed by" and "seasons 1-3" on it. The IP that edited it last was me as well. I like peace and quiet (olay) 16:42, 25 Marso 2021 (UTC)[magsimbag]
Also I forgot: Teletubbies also has a few English words in it. And that is another page I wanted expanded in tlwiki, forgot to mention that last time too. I like peace and quiet (olay) 16:45, 25 Marso 2021 (UTC)[magsimbag]
Give me until April 8, I'll see what I can help. I'll notify you once articles are done. Anyway, do you know how to speak Bikol or Tagalog?Kunokuno (olay) 16:50, 25 Marso 2021 (UTC)[magsimbag]
No, but I've been wanting to learn and my mom knows someone who can speak Tagalog. Still, I asked for this because I can't do it myself and so far, it's been over a month. I guess it's my fault because I'm so greedy and other priorities exist, but I wanted to make sure the pages were written right. It seems like the Content Translation can only translate with Google Translate, which doesn't yield the right results. That, and Google can only translate Tagalog and not Bikol. I was wondering though, if I could get translations done by the person my mom knows, would that be alright? However, I don't think she'll know Bikol, only Tagalog. But I don't know yet when I can get it done. I was hoping by this weekend, but even I have things to be busy with in life, despite not having big priorities. Out of all these articles, Bambi and Teletubbies are the ones that would be the easiest to translate. I just didn't know how to say "children's television series" for Teletubbies, except for television series. I don't know how to say "performed by" and "seasons 1-3" on Liv and Maddie either. I would have done it by now if I could have though. But did you forget this or just have other priorities? Sorry for being bossy, I'm just really wanting the articles to be better. I like peace and quiet (olay) 23:42, 10 Mayo 2021 (UTC)[magsimbag]
Hi I like peace and quiet , sorry I was not able to fulfill my promise. I get quite busy this past month. But I hope I can prioritize these articles this month of May. Thank you for your eagerness to provide versions of these articles in our local language. I'll notify you once these are available. You may also want to use this tool for translating text from English to Central Bikol. Make sure that on the right table, you have set it to bcl. You may choose on the drop down menu.Kunokuno (olay) 07:45, 11 Mayo 2021 (UTC)[magsimbag]