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he is crazy it may be the end of the world for him cause of his age but only the lord knows what is about to happen. No one else, the bible was written by human hands. when that day comes rest assure that there will be no heads up or nothing like that. We see wars and all kinds of things going on, but that maybe cause we are killing eachother the world will never end humanity will slowly, we have abuse our beutiful hearth so thats why we have so many issues going on. sorry that is just how it is Ramiro

End times predictions break out at periods when the world is battered by natural disasters and man-made conflicts. First to unhinge are religious psychopaths who take on an armor of conviction they are gifted by God with special powers of discernment. Many had predicted of end times but nothing happened. So, what's new? Ringer 16:40, 21 May 2011 (UTC)