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Sun Myung Moon

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Sun Myung Moon
Moon delivering a speech in Las Vegas, 2010
KamundaganMoon Yong-Myeong
(1920-01-06)6 Enero 1920
Chongju, North Pyongan, Japanese Korea
Kagadanan3 Septyembre 2012(2012-09-03) (edad 92)
Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Midbid bilangFounder of the Unification Church
Mga aki16, including:
Korean name
Pigrebersong RomanisasyonMun Seon-myeong
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Birth name
Pigrebersong RomanisasyonMun Yong-myeong
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Si Sun Myung Moon (Koreano문선명; Hanja文鮮明; namundag Moon Yong-Myeong; Enero 6, 1920 – Setyembre 3, 2012) iyo an Koreanong relihiyosong lider, midbid huli sa saiyang negosyo asin suporta para sa conservative political causes.[1][2] Sarong messiah claimant, siya an kagtogdas kan Unification Church (an mga myembro pigkokonsiderar siya asin an saiyang agom na si Hak Ja Han na saindang "True Parents"),[3] asin kan lakop na notableng "Blessing" o mass wedding ceremonies, asin an author kan saiyang daing-siring na teolohiya na Diosnon na Prinsipyo.[4][5][6] Saro siyang anti-communist asin sarong advocate paravsa Korean reunification, na Kim saen siya pigmimidbid kan duwang gobyerno kan Amihanan asin Habagatan na Korea.[7] An mga negosyo na saiyang pigbusol iyo n News World Communications, sarong international news media corporation midbid huli sa saiyang American subsidiary The Washington Times,[8][9][10] asin Tongil Group, sarong South Korean business group (chaebol),[11][12][13] siring man an ibang related organizations.[1][14]

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