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Bago website/blog ni Luis G. Dato[baguhon an source]

Hello ngamin. Igwa updated na website/blog si Luis G. Dato.


Mabalos po

Stephen Cenon D. Talla Stephentalla (olay) 02:14, 25 Agosto 2019 (UTC)[magsimbag]

Luis Dato English wikipedia page[baguhon an source]

Hello All, There is a Draft:Luis Dato in the english wikipedia. Perhaps we could help review the article. Thanks. Stephentalla (olay) 05:40, 14 Oktobre 2019 (UTC)

Rodolfo, Soledad and Francisca Dato to be included in Luis Dato article.[baguhon an source]

Hello All, Rodolfo Dato should be mentioned in the article of Luis Dato; if I may add, Soledad "Choleng" Dato-Hidalgo and Francisca Dato-Flores,also. The three were siblings of Luis Dato. They contributed to education, journalism and arts in the Bikol region. Please see: https://luisgdato.com/luis-dato-an-autobiographical-sketch/ As of now i am not privileged to edit the Luis Dato article. :( Stephentalla (olay) 12:57, 18 Oktobre 2019 (UTC)

ShiminUfesoj, can you remove the protection of this article? Thanks! The article was protected many years ago for some reasons. --Filipinayzd (olay) 07:40, 19 Oktobre 2019 (UTC)
I see what I can do. Thank you. Stephentalla (olay) 06:08, 2 Nobyembre 2019 (UTC)[magsimbag]
The article has been unlocked! --Filipinayzd (olay) 07:20, 2 Nobyembre 2019 (UTC)[magsimbag]