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Gikan sa Bikol Sentral na Wikipedia, an talingkas na ensiklopedya

Hi, Dario Severi. I noticed the caption on the picture of MALABO was taken from the article on Cucumber, Bikol wikipedia: "Mga pepino kamang sa daga". Could you kindly substitute the correct caption? Thanks. Ringer (olay) 10:42, 13 Marso 2018 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

Hi, there's bicol dictionary here?

Hi DARIO SEVERI: Could you kindly delete the article with this heading: Inot na Gyerang Pankinaban? Not only is it a stub but all links to other languages connect to it. The article I wrote on the subject (Enot na Gerang Pankinaban), which is more coherent and more detailed, should properly be the link to the other languages to avoid confusion. Thanks. Ringer (olay) 19:51, 16 Marso 2018 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

Hi sir. Can you help me to delete this article Tatatataramon na Indonesya because I was mistake to create it from the "{lang-id}" in the article Norteng Sulawesi and can you teach me how to redirect an article to another article. Thanks. -- ShiminUfesoj (olay) 04:17, 9 Abril 2018 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

Hi Dario.. may I ask about to the discussion in admin ship.. what is the updated? Sorry if I ask it, because I want bcl wiki having a admin to manage and to help to stop or lessen vandalism in this wiki .. sorry and thank you

-- ShiminUfesoj (olay) 16:27, 11 Mayo 2018 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

Can you delete tataramon na Sangires and tataramon na SangirSangir. Thanks you


ShiminUfesoj (olay) 17:22, 18 Mayo 2018 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

Hi, Can you help me?[baguhon an source]

Hi Dario, how are you, can you help me? Help me to make infoboxes with maps have "show all maps bottom", i mean like that 😅😅 -- Shimin_Ufesoj Ulay_kita? 11:22, 11 Abril 2019 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

Hi ShiminUfesoj, I would like to help you but unfortunatly I do not understand so much about infoboxes I think I never created one in 8 years in the Wikipedia. Regards. DARIO SEVERI (olay) 13:26, 11 Abril 2019 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
Thank you Dario -- Shimin_Ufesoj Ulay_kita? 09:54, 13 Abril 2019 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]