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Olay sa Wikipedia:1,000 core topics

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Gikan sa Bikol Sentral na Wikipedia, an talingkas na ensiklopedya

Reverted edits

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Hello @Ralffralff. The version before the reversion was correct. Please undo it to avoid losing the information on the number of articles already included in the listing. Thanks. -Filipinayzd (kaulayon) 00:02, 1 Oktubre 2023 (UTC)[magsimbag]

Update: I have reverted it and continued updating the table. -Filipinayzd (kaulayon) 00:48, 1 Oktubre 2023 (UTC)[magsimbag]
Sorry for the revert I made yesterday. I checked the history and I probably clicked "Ibalik" by accident using my phone when I was checking the history of edits last night. Thank you for reverting it today. Hoping for the success of this project! - Ralffralff (kaulayon) 04:13, 1 Oktubre 2023 (UTC)[magsimbag]
Okay. Great, we have reached the 15,000th article. -Filipinayzd (kaulayon) 05:29, 1 Oktubre 2023 (UTC)[magsimbag]

We have reached the initial 1,000 core topics!

[baguhon an source]

Attention: @Derk29, @ShiminUfesoj, @Ringer, @LeahLhey, @Maffeth.opiana, @Jp2593, @KamiLily, @MarvinBikolano, @Daragang Nagueña, @Kabu Sawsaw We are about to reach the 17,000th mark because of your efforts! Please find time to review the 1,007 articles listed among the core topics and suggest which articles to include or remove in the list. The 1,000 core topics is simply a random figure and we can expand it to 2,000 or more with the aim to list which articles MUST be on Bikol Wikipedia. Thanks! --Filipinayzd (kaulayon) 04:25, 31 Marso 2024 (UTC)[magsimbag]