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Historical Background of Bikol Wikipedia community[liwaton an gikanan]

The creation Bikol Wikipedia was proposed on 31 July 2007‎ with Sky Harbor and Filipinayzd as proponents. Together with Steven*fung and Jackryan68, they formed the editing community for the test Wikipedia in the Wikimedia Incubator. The proposal was approved on 24 November 2007. Bicolano Wikipedians Filipinayzd (first edit 11/25/07), Steven*fung (11/26/07), Ringer (2/1/08), Biklish (7/12/08), BikolWiki (7/12/08), Gurby888 (2/11/09), Geopoet (7/16/09) and Lakadbulan (8/19/09) were the Bikol Wikipedia community during the peak of number of edits in the Wikipedia. It was one of the most active communities in the Philippines.

The First Bikol Wikipedians Meetup happened on 21 November 2008 participated by Camarines Sur-based Filipinayzd and Ringer. Bikol Wikipedians and supporter Mr. Jason Chancoco (non-editor) sponsored Rawitdawit and Tigsik (Bikol poems) Writing Contest at the 74th National Book Week Celebration in Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges in Naga City on the 28 November 2008. The Second Wikipedians Meet-up was held on 19 and 21-23 October 2009 with Filipinayzd, Ringer, and a new contributor Geopoet, and supporter Mr. Buboy Aguay (non-editor) as the participants. The group sponsored Mga Harigi sa Kulturang Bikolnon Exhibit during the 2009 National Conference on Bicol History and Culture at Holy Rosary Minor Seminary on 21-23 October 2009. Expenses were shouldered mostly by Ringer.

Bikol Wikipedia has become a resource for Bikol history and culture. Two of its articles appeared back-to-back in Bangraw kan Arte, Literatura asin Kultura magazine: Mariano Perfecto in March 2009 (Volume II No. 7 issue) and Casimiro Perfecto in April 2009 (Volume II No. 8 issue). The article of Clemente Alejandria was also featured in An Tambobong Nin Literaturang Bikolnon literary folio (Volume I No. 1 issue). Bikol Wikipedia was also used as a reference for Premio Tomas Arejola para sa Literaturang Bikolnon backgrounder and Tomas Arejola biography, in the program used at Banggi nin Pagrokyaw dubbed as Bikolinismo 2009 (a search for Outstanding Bikolano Artists paralleled to the National Artist of the Philippines). The event sponsored by the City Government of Naga held on 29 September 2009 was graced by NA Virgilio Almario. ---Filipinayzd 09:41, 16 Pebrero 2012 (UTC)[]