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    Project lead name
    Irvin Sto. Tomas
    Project lead username
    Project lead e-mail
    Full project name
    Bikol Wikipedia Day (Wikipedia Takes Naga and Bikol Wikipedia Edithon)
    Amount requested
    Provisional target start date
    November 12, 2012
    Provisional completion date
    November 24, 2012

    Budget breakdown and target dates[baguhon an source]

    • Event tarpaulin = P500.00 (Nov. 12)
    • Souvenir shirts = P8,000.00 (50 pcs.*) (Nov. 12)
    • Supplies = P1,350.00 (Nov. 19)
    certificate holders = P500.00
    one (1) ream of bond paper for the list of goals and leaflets = P300.00
    five (5) packs of special paper for the certificates = P150.00
    two (2) packs of photo sticker for name tags = P200.00
    one (1) set of ink refill = P200.00
    • Cash Prize = P1,000.00 (Nov. 24)
    • Lunch and snacks = P10,000.00 (50 pax) (Nov. 24)
    • Incidental expenses = P4,000.00 (Nov. 12)
    • TOTAL: P24,850.00

    (*) 30 pcs. reserve stock

    Project goal[baguhon an source]

    The activity aims the enrichment of Wikipedia articles through a photo scavenger hunt in the city proper and an editing marathon at James O’Brien, S.J. Library. The event is in collaboration with the Ateneo de Naga University and Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. in cooperation with the City Government of Naga.

    Project scope and list of activities[baguhon an source]

    Bikol Wikipedia Day will happen on November 24, 2012 in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Bikol Wikipedia. Two events will happen simultaneously: Wikipedia Takes Naga and Bikol Wikipedia Edithon.

    Wikipedia Takes Naga Project[baguhon an source]

    The expected number of participants for this event is between 20 to 40 photography enthusiasts.

    • The assembly of participants is in Ateneo de Naga University. Information Resource Center of James O'Brien Library will be the venue of uploading of photographs gathered by the participants.
    • Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. will facilitate the program from registration, tallying the scores and until the awarding ceremonies.

    Bikol Wikipedia Edithon Project[baguhon an source]

    Target number of participants for this event is 10 to 20 persons who have participated in the Open Web Day ADNU in June earlier this year and other interested contributors.

    • The assembly of participants is in Ateneo de Naga University. Information Resource Center will be the venue of the editing marathon. Participants will be given access to the Bikoliana Section of James O'Brien Library.

    Program[baguhon an source]

    • 8:00AM - Registration. Wikipedia Takes Naga participants register the team members, name of the team and the team's Wikimedia Commons account. Organizers distribute kits which include the guidelines, list of goals, pen, and city map. Bikol Wikipedia Edithon participants register their names and Bikol Wikipedia username. Editors will set a target to be accomplished.
    • 9:00AM - Event proper. Teams are given a maximum of 4 hours to take pictures of sites and objects from the list of goals. While editors discuss and build articles using Bikoliana materials as a resource.
    • 12:00-1:00PM - Organizers start to verify and tally scores teams. Participants upload/finalize their contributions.
    • 2:00 PM - Awarding ceremonies. Awarding of special prizes and certificates of appreciation to participants.
    • 8:00 PM - 7th Naga Meetup. Agenda: Evaluation, membership and other matters.

    Prizes[baguhon an source]

    • Souvenir shirt and P1,000.00 c/o WMPH, P5,000 c/o City Government of Naga
    • Giveaways: Wikipedia merchandize c/o WMPH, Naga Smiles Magazine and city map c/o City Government of Naga
    • Certificates of appreciation to participants, certificate of recognition to winners
    • Plaque of appreciation to partners

    Non-financial requirements[baguhon an source]

    • Design of certificates and event tarpaulin
    • Technical support on creating multiple accounts under a single IP address
    • In-charge of the registration/secretariat
    • Assistant in verifying and uploading photos

    Fit to strategy[baguhon an source]

    More people will be able to access or contribute to Bikol Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

    Other benefits[baguhon an source]

    We can establish partnership with the Ateneo de Naga University, Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. and City Government of Naga and photography clubs/enthusiasts.

    Measures of success[baguhon an source]

    We will consider this project a success if:

    1. 20 photographers join in Wikipedia Takes Naga
    2. 2,000 photos are uploaded in Wiki Commons
    3. 10 participants join in Bikol Wikipedia Edithon

    Team members (optional)[baguhon an source]

    Discuss here[baguhon an source]

    Kindly write your comments here. --Filipinayzd (olay) 08:09, 30 Oktobre 2012 (UTC)

    I'm for the project. The list of places is building up, hope to see more sites included there. Kindly indicate promotion plans, add also a contingency budget. Namayan (olay) 15:06, 30 Oktobre 2012 (UTC)
    List of goal is complete. We are asking the support of LGU Naga. They can provide the city proper map and Naga Smiles Magazine for give aways. We can ask them to feature the event at naga.gov.ph and on next issue of the magazine. --Filipinayzd (olay) 11:07, 2 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    How about heritage sites? Old houses? Namayan (olay) 02:23, 3 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    Included. -Filipinayzd (olay) 04:53, 4 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

    Just a question: are there plans to write articles for all the photos of places being taken? I noticed that unlike Wikipedia Takes Manila, a lot of the places being covered by Wikipedia Takes Naga have no articles either on the English or Bikol Wikipedias. --Sky Harbor (olay) 09:33, 3 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

    I support the project. I would only ask that the participants would sign a waiver. Medyo kinabahan ako last time nung sa Manila event kasi baka meron maaksidente o mahold-up.--Exec8 (olay) 14:29, 3 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    In Wikipedia Takes Naga, participants will take pictures of sites and objects from a list of goals which lack Wikipedia articles, whose articles do not have pictures, or whose pictures are important to building the context of articles.
    Participants should be advised to take necessary cautions to avoid accidents. We also need to include this in the registration form they must sign. -04:22, 4 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)
    Irvin, as the project lead of Wikipedia Takes Manila back in 2011, I think I would be aware of what a Wikipedia Takes Your City contest entails. To wit, I was the one that added that particular bolded text to the WTM page on the English Wikipedia. ;)
    However, if I may pitch in a suggestion: since there will be a parallel edit-a-thon taking place, may the target articles of the edit-a-thon include writing articles for the pictures Wikipedia Takes Naga participants will be taking? From how I see it, this will enhance both the value of the main contest's contributions and the entire Bikol Wikipedia as a whole. --Sky Harbor (olay) 12:47, 5 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    We can arrange a TV interview a day or two before the event to highlight the affair and encourage other writers to join our Wikipedia community. Perhaps next time we can hold a workshop to familiarize would-be Wikipedians with the software programs used in Wikipedia. I believe this is a problem that needs to be addressed. --Ringer (olay) 05:06, 4 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    We can also have Bikol Edithon for those who cannot participate in Wikipedia Takes Naga. We can hold the event at James O'Brien Library. --Filipinayzd (olay) 04:22, 4 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    Nice Idea. I hope you wont run short of manpower in this dual event. Also please prepare a stand-by medic as this event also has similar qualities of a typical marathon/ fun-run event.--Exec8 (olay) 12:20, 4 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    Fun run?Namayan (olay) 09:27, 5 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    There is. --Filipinayzd (olay) 10:06, 5 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    What's the relevance of a fun run in pursuing the goals of Wikipedia? --Namayan (olay) 13:27, 5 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    Please dont divert attention to fun run. This is neither a fund-raising event nor an athletic event. When I mean similar qualities, I mean it is outdoor, it requires physical endurance since they will be moving from one place to another on broad daylight. So standy medical personnel and security is at the assembly area to prepare for any unexpected events. We also need to ensure that the assembly or gathering point has standby water for those participants who went thirsty. --Exec8 (olay) 20:50, 5 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]
    Settle your personal issues. --Filipinayzd (olay) 05:09, 6 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

    Non-financial requirements[baguhon an source]

    Of the non-financial requirements you have identified only the following are indeed non-financial:

    • Design of certificates
    • Technical support on creating multiple accounts under a single IP address

    The rest have to be manufactured, thus entails costs, so kindly source local manufacturers for these:

    • 50 Wikipedia Offline DVD (I haven't seen any stocks of offline Wikipedia DVDs).
    • 50 Wikipedia stickers (unless others have stocks with them, they could mail it to Naga)
    • event tarpaulin

    --Namayan (olay) 13:32, 5 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

    Stock of Wikipedia merchandize for Bikol community projects is insufficient. We are requesting additional items. --05:09, 6 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)
    There isn't any available on my end, I'll ask them when we meet on Saturday, otherwise you may need to have them reproduced there. Namayan (olay) 07:15, 7 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

    Bug Request - Lifting of IP address[baguhon an source]

    Request Details:
    • BugZilla ID: 42319
    • Request name: Lift account creation cap on IP address
    • IP address:
    • Location of IP address: James O' Brien Library Computer Laboratory, Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Luzon, Philippines
    • Date and Time Covered: November 24, 2012 04:00 - 11:59 PHT (20:00 UTC 23 November - 15:59 UTC 24 November)
    • Websites: BCL.wikipedia.org, EN.wikipedia.org, TL.wikipedia.org
    Bikol Wikipedia will be celebrating its 5th anniversary and part of the activities are outreach programs, editathons and Wikipedia Photo Scavenger Hunt.
    The activities will be held at Naga City, Camarines Sur, hundreds of kilometers south of Manila on Saturday, November 24, 2012.
    The selected venue is James O' Brien Library Computer Laboratory within Ateneo de Naga University.
    Its IP address of the library is The library on a regular day is closed after 5:00 pm. It will be opened in the entire event period on Saturday.
    Bikol Wikipedia administrators are spearheading the outdoor events while other Filipino Wikipedia administrators are on their other personal commitments and are not present in Naga City. Wikipedia Non-admin editors are at the Library.
    Useful Links:

    Wikipedia Photo Scavenger Hunts tool[baguhon an source]

    To make it easier for the participants to upload their photos, I can set up the uploading interface for Wikipedia Takes Naga using the Wikipedia Photo Scavenger Hunts tool, which we used for Wikipedia Takes Manila, or I can give the admin username and password to Irvin so he can set it up. I'm clearing this with Kaldari, who runs the tool. --Sky Harbor (olay) 14:23, 22 Nobyembre 2012 (UTC)Reply[magsimbag]

    Project Report[baguhon an source]

    Bikol Wikipedia Community and Event Organizing Team, Please post the project accomplishment report at this page Wikipedia:Wikipedia Takes Naga/Accomplishment Report. --Exec8 (olay) 11:27, 21 Desyembre 2012 (UTC)