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Gikan sa Bikol Sentral na Wikipedia, an talingkas na ensiklopedya
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Wikipedia Takes Naga

Wikipedia Takes Naga was a photo scavenger hunt in the spirit of Wikipedia Takes the City in Naga City, Philippines held during the Bikol Wikipedia Day on November 24, 2012. It was organized by Filipino Wikipedians in Bicol region and Wikimedia Philippines, the Philippine local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in collaboration with Ateneo de Naga University and Parasurat Bikolnon Inc. and in cooperation with the City Government of Naga.

The activity aimed to increase the coverage of free photographs involving the City of Naga so that they can be used in Wikipedia articles which need pictures, as well as promoting awareness of Wikipedia in Naga. The event also served as Bikol Wikipedia's 5th year celebration.

Scavenger hunt[baguhon an source]

Participants at St. Ignatius de Loyola monument by Team HMMM

In Wikipedia Takes Naga, participants took pictures of sites and objects from a list of goals which lack Wikipedia articles, whose articles do not have pictures, or whose pictures are important to building the context of articles. Photography was done on the day of the event. Pictures should, as much as possible, be clear, aligned and in focus.

Participants were required to fill out a registration form and bring a digital camera.

  • 8:00AM - Registration. Wikipedia Takes Naga participants register the team members, name of the team and the team's Wikimedia Commons account. Organizers distribute kits which include the guidelines, list of goals, pen, and city map. Bikol Wikipedia Edithon participants register their names and Bikol Wikipedia username. Editors will set a target to be accomplished.
  • 9:00AM - Event proper. Teams are given a maximum of 4 hours to take pictures of sites and objects from the list of goals. While editors discuss and build articles using Bikoliana materials as a resource.
  • 12:00-4:00PM - Organizers start to verify and tally scores teams.
  • 7:00 PM - Awarding ceremonies. Awarding of special prizes and certificates of appreciation to participants.

List of goals[baguhon an source]

The scavenger hunt covered areas within the city proper. Teams were given list of goals to be photographed: 150 sites found in a particular section of the city proper and 50 items found anywhere in the three areas.

  • A. North Section covers Bagumbayan Sur, Peñafrancia, Dayangdang and Balatas
  • B. South Section covers Sta. Cruz, Igualdad, San Francisco, Dinaga and Lerma
  • C. East Section covers Tabuco, Triangulo and Concepcion Pequeña
  • D. General Section includes cultural items found in the city
Map of city proper

Participants[baguhon an source]

Pre-registration was done at Wikipedia Takes Naga event.

Guidelines[baguhon an source]


  1. Each team is composed of two (2) members.
  2. Teams are required to use at least one digital camera (e.g. DSLR, point-and-shoot) with an empty memory card.
  3. Only one kit which includes the list of goals, shall be given to each team.
  4. Goals accomplished should be marked with numbers in order of shooting.
  5. Participants are encouraged to travel on foot or use public transportation and are advised to obey traffic rules. Fare will be shouldered by the team.
  6. Teams are given a 4-hour period to take as many pictures of the sites and items in the list of goals. Teams may check in before the cut-off time.
  7. Members may not work together or at some point or team up with other participants or teams during the entire photo hunting, however only the photographs gathered by respective members will be credited to the team.
  8. Participants are encouraged to take several of shots (e.g. different angles) of a site or an item.
  9. Photographs must be uploaded by the team once verified by the organizers. Only photographs which participants would like to contribute in Wikimedia Commons will be credited to the team.
  10. The team with the most number of points wins the competition.